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Havening Techniques

Welcome to trauma healing!
Havening Techniques ® is a neuroscience touch therapy that uses the body's amazing ability to self repair and heal from trauma. It is a wonderfully gentle yet powerful way that uses the body's inbuilt capacity to break-down trauma encoded messages. If you would like to know more about how the neuroscience works click here.

I have been astounded how quickly and effectively the use 0f Havening Touch has freed clients from debilating trauma related distress such as PTSD, phobia, anxiety, depression, panic attacks, birth trauma and more. In all my years of therapy work using different modalities, I can honestly say I have found Havening Techniques has given the best results for trauma healing.

It also creates an internal 'safe for now' message that allows other therapy models (such as mindfulness and talk therapy), to be used in ways that maximize results, relief and restoration of wellbeing.

Havening Techniques ® works robustly with both face to face sessions as well as on zoom, where the client can self-haven and still have the therapeutic effect. I am delighted to be a Certified Havening Practitioner, and to work with you in this this way.

Feel free to check out havening touch by going onto Youtube and type in 'havening'.

I can recommend my trainers videos to you- Robin Youngson, and videos by Kate Truitt- who is recognized as one of the developers of Havening Techniques ® Her December 2022 book titled "Healing is in Your Hands: Self-Havening Practices to Harness Neuroplasticity, Heal Traumatic Stress and Build Resilience" provides a wonderfully practical  guide to helping yourself heal through havening touch.
We offer  EAP and private counselling, and Professional Supervision.
Specialists in Perinatal Mental Health, Wellbeing Strategies and Havening.

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